Will it be Roast Leprechaun Stew?


It’s THAT day of the year, again!  Today  is the day that my thoughts start to focus onto how I will prepare my feast for the following BIG day.  I usually call my buddy Scotty and ask him “how will I prepare or cook Leprechaun on the day that my Wolverines devour their prey, your Fighting Irish?”

Last year, I believe I enjoyed a tasty well roasted Leprechaun stew. That 35-31 Michigan Victory tasted just right! I thought that the stew wasn’t  going to come together, but in the last two seconds, it turned out JUST RIGHT!  Denard Robinson and the Boys lit that Big House up on the first night game in Michigan Stadium history!

Two years ago, I had me some good old Southern style Leprechaun fried up in a bucket like chicken!  Mmmm Mmmm! So, satisfying! With 27 seconds left in the game, sophomore shoelaces scored a Touchdown to lead Michigan to a last minute Victory!

Three years ago, I loved the well seasoned  meatloaf  that I baked.  Michigan pounded on ND all day long. This 38-34 Victory was especially tasty because the we won the game where the most points were scored in the history of the rivalry. It was so sweet, I enjoyed a tasty Leprechaun Pie a la mode!

So, what will I start cooking for tomorrow? Feasting on Leprechaun for the fourth year in a row is inevitable. Denard is electric, you can’t stop him and he owns you. Yah! he hasn’t lost to you, yet! What makes me think you have him solved? Nothing. Big Blue will prevail. Coach Hoke and the Boys will put you to the grill. The GRILL! Yeah, I think I’m going to enjoy a barbecue, tomorrow! Who likes BBQ Leprechaun?!?!

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