The Final Stretch 1

Jim Leyland set the rotation for the final 12 games:

Today vs. Twins: Max Scherzer / Drew Smyly (doubleheader)
Mon vs. Royals: Justin Verlander
Tue vs. Royals: Anibal Sanchez
Wed vs. Royals: Rick Porcello
Thu vs. Royals: Doug Fister
Fri at Twins: Scherzer
Sat at Twins: Verlander
9/30 at Twins: Sanchez
10/1 at Royals: Porcello
10/2 at Royals: Fister
10/3 at Royals: Scherzer

That said, if Scherzer is truly good to go, Fister keeps pitching like he did last night (WOW!), and Verlander is, well, Verlander, that’s 7 wins. We need to go for all 12 though. Watch Smyly in Game 2 tonight, as well as Sanchez in his two starts, to be weak links. The Swami is not too impressed with Sanchez yet, and hasn’t been with Smyly most of the year (STILL think we should’ve kept Turner).

Now our hitting: Cabrera is on fire. His charge for the Triple Crown, which I have written about several times and posted daily about on my Facebook page, can do nothing but inspire the rest of the lineup to do better. Last night’s game was an example: 3 home runs, Fielder 3 for 3, Dirks and Infante 2 for 4. The rest of the lineup feels the excitement though. Better cuts at the ball throughout. The team needs to follow Cabrera’s lead and focus, not on his achievement, but on making the playoffs. We cannot get in without winning the division.

We are a half game back with 12 to go. We can end today one game up. Swami says 3 game lead at season’s end. The White Sox have a tougher schedule than we do, and have lost their last 4 games.

Last mention of Cabrera on here for now (I promise!): Swami says .337 average, 140 RBI, 50 HR when it’s all said and done, Triple Crown in hand, playoff-bound, and if the sportswriters aren’t idiots, the AL MVP.

The Swami has spoken, now let’s go watch the doublehader, and on the other TV, the Lions game.

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