Swami Speaks! New Contributing Writer for the MCSJ 3

In the immortal words of Mick Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Joe, the new writer for the Guru. He and I go WAY back, and have both been longtime fans of Michigan sports, though we are on opposite sides of the Little Brown Jug.

My love for the Tigers goes back to 84. I was just a young lad then, living in a small town 90 minutes north of Philly, 90 minutes west of the Big Apple. My late grandfather, Dean Barnefiher, was born in Harbor Springs, and was so excited about the World Series, he told my mother under NO circumstances was my bedtime to be “normal” during it, and I was to watch the games with him. He taught me the game, told me about past Tiger greats, bought me my first glove, my first pack of baseball cards, and my first Tigers hat.

After the Tigers came the Pistons, the Bad Boy era. Then the Lions with Barry and the Red Wings. By now I was in middle school, in Petoskey. I had to choose a school. I chose MSU.

My favorite sport, by far, is baseball, but I love them all, and in the coming weeks will write about the Tigers heading into the break, a comparison of Justin Verlander to Nolan Ryan (laugh now, just wait), and the Lions and the June draft, one of my grandfather’s favorite times of the year (he played middle linebacker in high school). My writing is in his honor. Miss ya Boompa!

Now, on with the show!



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    Welcome to the Journal!

    It’s great to hear your sports history and love for Motor City sports! It’s cool that you get your love of the Tigers from your Grandfather. It’s great to see the tradition passed by our beloved family members. We will look forward to many posts!


    What do you mean we are on opposite sides of the Little Brown Jug?

    Also, how have I never known that you are a MSU over Michigan fan? Why? I thought you were with the “cool kids?” …

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    Motor CIty Sports Swami

    Or I would edit, except I cannot find that link now. Anyway, the line was to read Paul Bunyan Trophy.

    The U of M scandal started while I was looking for a college. I wanted NOTHING to do with a school who would not have a team that was respected by NCAA fans. So I chose MSU.

    But in my defense, I married a U of M fan and my mother-in-law graduated from U of M. The kids are being raised neutral, getting shirts of both teams. My son likes his U of M ones more, but that is because they are blue. Simple boy.