Quick moves by the Tigers will pay off next season

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These quick off season moves by the Tigers are quite smart. By making these bold mover sooner, rather than later, the Tigers will gel quicker for next season. I think these moves help will answer any questions that fans may have, as well, after the dismal World Series play. By knowing these moves sooner, it helps us ready ourselves for our World Championship next year!

Our moves, thus far:

We signed Jim Leyland for the 2013 season. This was a clutch move. It’s Leyland’s team and nobody knows the boys better than the skipper. Answering this question of who will coach next season was crucial. We, as fans, want to gauge the mood and frame our expectations in our mind. Plus, the players need to know that all trust is in Leyland. Dombrowski knows that this sort of tome is set from the top on down. He continues to do a good job molding this team and putting the right people in charge. The team is comfortable around Leyland and they will perform better for him over any other manager. I would like to see Leyland prepare them for the season better as they were too up and down this year. We need the team to have more consistency next year. They also need to play better small ball.

We did pick up Jhonny Peralta‘s contract. A good move. Save money, rather than spend it on the open market and possibly not get the right fit. The Tigers know what they are getting. He’s the more conservative,  safer bet. I think this is a key decision and a good move by Dombrowski. It’s better than picking apart the team, piece by piece. He’s a good teammate and maybe just had an off year this year at the plate. Let’s hope he returns to 2011 form.

We will not be resigning Jose Valverde. I was originally against his departure before the post season. I didn’t want his head on a plate like a lot of Tigers fans. I trusted the numbers. They indicated that he was still the best closer out there for the last two years.  Now, post world series crash, I think it’s a good move. I pulled for him even after the NY debacle. I thought Leyland was fair in letting him earn his spot back. The Tigers were behind when Leyland called for Valverde. It was not a save opportunity, he would have to pitch while the Tigers were losing. He would have to earn the spot back. Well, he failed. Now, it’s just uncomfortable and it’s better off for the fans if he isn’t around the clubhouse. No way, Jose!  We’re breaking up with you. Your antics were fun while they lasted, they will be archived in Tigers’ lore. But, you scare each and everyone of us when you grab the ball and pitch. We aren’t even sure four run leads are safe anymore. I can see him playing for the Dodgers or the Mets.

We will not pursue Delmon Young. I had originally thought this would be the case, as there really isn’t enough room for him when Martinez returns. But, I was still hoping the Tigers would keep him. He, then, had a great post season and etched himself into the Tigers’ record books. I still don’t think he’s multi talented enough for the direction that the Tigers are headed. But, I was still hoping the Tigers could find room and reward his post season play. He put up pretty good stats for the season. He started off slow, but came around  and was the best hitter in the playoffs for the Tigers. He can hit and he’s electric in the post season. I’ll miss him. Good Luck, Delmon!

We may not resign Gerald Laird. I saw Laird as a one year rent a player because of the injury to Victor Martinez. He was a good catch for the Tigers this year. He helped fill the void that the injured Martinez left. He did what was required of him and I hope if he doesn’t stay as a third catcher, that he lands with a good team and looks fondly on his Tigers’ days!

WE WILL BE GOING AFTER ANIBAL SANCHEZ! This would be the great move of the offseason. Let’s get him signed and FAST! The Tigers’ rotation would look absolutely SICK with Sanchez in it all year!  Make this a priority and overpay a little bit, if you have to, to keep him in the Olde English D!

Octavio Dotel ‘s option will be renewed for next season. This wasn’t a bad move and I suspect it will turn out well for us at some point next season. He was in 55+ games, held opponent’s batting average to .230, and had a good post season. His ERA was 3.57, too, which is not too bad, either.

Omar Infante should continue as a Tiger in 2013. He has a past history with us, we know him and his style of play. He’s a good base runner, he can hit, he’s good defensively and we don’t need the carousel of revolving second basemen that we had at the beginning of this year. He can hit in the 2, 7, 8 or 9 slots with success. Let’s keep him and hope his fracture heals up properly during the off season.

Victor Martinez still remains a question mark in the eyes of fans. Will he be back? Can we count on him to hit. 300? Nobody knows and your guess is as good as mine. I think this will be one of the most talked about things in the off season. We want VMart back and healthy.

So, take the Guru’s advice… let’s all sit back this off season and try to shake off this horrible World Series performance by our boys of summer. We can focus on the great things that did happen during the season. We saw a Triple Crown, an AL and Central Division pennant, 9 consecutive strikeouts, a World Series appearance, and a possible  MVP. We got a near no-no early in the season by JV and many great comeback wins. We got to see Prince Fielder return home and finally play in a Tigers’ uniform. We even got to see a pitcher with two different colored eyes! Our record books were re-written and we were a part of that history! Be proud to be a Tigers fan! Next year, that Commissioner’s Trophy will be ours. OH YES, IT WILL BE OURS!


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    Swami has a question: How can there not be room for Delmon Young AND Gerald Laird with V-Mart returning? I see V-Mart becoming the DH, Laird sticking around. We will lose Young, but I see a few quick signings in a few days of some pitchers and possibly a pursuit of Josh Hamilton. Better to have that weapon here in the D than potentially against us.

  2. Avatar of MotorCitySportsSwami

    Look for this person to replace Valverde:

    Bruce Rondon

    A minor league prospect, he, according to Dombrowski, “averages 100 miles an hour and topped off at 103, and throws his breaking stuff for consistent strikes. (Rondon) is a special potential closer with the makeup of a closer, and normally you’re not going to thrust that in a young guy’s hands and say automatically, ‘It’s your job’ — but it would not surprise me if he earned that job. With the number of good arms that are out there, there are not many arms like this, and he cherishes that type of role.”

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