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“It was a cool and crisp Friday night on Memorial Day weekend in 2013. The moon was near full, the fans were going crazy at CoPa and pitcher Anibal Sanchez was electric!”

This is how I will start this particular story when I am telling it to my daughter in 20 years. She’s four, now, so she won’t understand what it all meant for a few more years. All she knew was that daddy was hooting and hollering at the TV screen because our team, the Detroit Tigers, were on the prowl. Anibal Sanchez was on the hunt for something BIG!

That something was a piece of both Tigers and baseball lore. Sanchez came oh so close to becoming legend last night. By the sixth inning, the twitter feeds were lit up. Facebook was buzzing about it. Even Google + was getting traffic!  But, SHHHHHHH! We don’t talk about it when it’s happening because that would probably bring out the curse. Every baseball fan should know that there is an ancient no-no curse, by the way. It’s usually something that we learn along the way as we find out more about our sport. By talking about the no hitter, somehow the baseball gods become mischievous. They usually take pleasure in gifting some 9th inning hitter with a single base hit to break up the bid and spoil the hopes and dreams of  everyone who wants to see history be made.

That base hit granted by the baseball gods belonged to the former bating champ, Joe Mauer, of the division rival minnesota twinkies. First off,  for all of us Tigers fans, I have to say:  F@#% you, Joe Mauer. Thanks a lot, you jerk!  I can’t stand it when Detroit comes within inches of the record book and is denied at the end. I can think of a few times in our collective sports history that this has happened (cough, cough, hack, hack: Galarraga, near perfect game). It’s actually the third time in his career that Mauer has broken up a no hit bid by any opposing team.

I absolutely dislike the twinkies even more because of this “sin on the people of Detroit and Michigan”. Off the top of my head, I now have four reasons to wish that MLB would have gotten rid of your team when they were talking about contracting, or shrinking the league in 2002.

My four reasons for disliking the twinkies:

1987. You beat us in the American League Championship series and took the AL pennant away from us. That was horrible. I was 10. It was one of the first times that I felt a huge loss from any one of my teams. I hope that you are happy for destroying a 10 year old’s dreams. The Tigers of the 80’s would have gotten to another World Series, if it wasn’t for you.

1990-1991. You took Jack Morris away from us. That really ticked me off not being able to see him in the Olde English D anymore.

2009. Game 163. 12th inning. ‘Nuff said about that because I still twitch when I think about it.

2013. Joe Mauer’s liner up the middle breaks up no-hit bid by Sanchez in the 9th inning.

If anyone can think of any other instances for cause to dislike the twinkies, then please feel free to leave a reply to this article. I would love to find more reasons to dislike our Central Division rivals.

Sanchez did have great game, however, and this will always be remembered and passed on to the younger fans. He pitched a complete game, got the  shutout win and struck out 12 in the process.  Not bad for a cool and crisp moonlit night on Memorial Day weekend  in the “D”!

Congrats on your dominant performance, Anibal!

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