The BBWAA are idiots again…

NO ONE in the Class of 2013 was elected to the Hall of Fame.

Not a single soul.

Craig Biggio got 68%…

Jack Morris 67%…

Clemens and Bonds? Around 33%…

Since 1965, the only years the BBWAA didn’t elect a candidate in 1971 when Yogi Berra topped the vote with 67 percent of the ballots cast and when Phil Niekro led the 1996 ballot at 68 percent.

Swami is stunned.

The Veteran’s Committee announced their picks in December, with the old NL Detroit Wolverines Deacon White getting in…73 years after his death. He was part of the Detroit Wolverines pennant-winning team in 1887.

For our guys of more recent times, Jack enters his final year of elgibility next year…on the first year ballot next year are Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux…

Tram dropped from 38.6% of the vote last year to 33.6% this year, with three years remaining.

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One thought on “NO ONE ENTERS THE HALL OF FAME????

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    I am stunned, too! WTF?!?!

    Jack Morris was a WORKHORSE and a BULLDOG! Anything less than a HOF acceptance is BS!

    He broke my heart when I was a kid because he left for Minnesota, but I still think he was one of the greatest pitchers of his era. He won his second Championship with his hometown team. He departed the next year for Toronto and won it back to back. He won three straight Championships! That Game Seven Classic against the Braves where Morris pitched 10 innings and won was one of the most clutch performances in WS Game 7 History. That pitching performance earned him the World Series MVP. He threw a no-no for us against the ChiSox. He won the Babe ruth Award twice. He was voted an All Star 5 times and won 4 World Series rings. His near 2,500 strike outs rank him above such HOF greats like Catfish Hunter and Sandy Koufax, With 254 career wins, Jack would rank above HOF’ers Jaun Marichal, Whitey Ford and Don Drysdale.

    The Winningest Pitcher of the 1980’s deserves the nod, hands down. Please give him his spot in the Halls.

    By the way, Jack, when choosing which uniform to be enshrined in, go with the Olde English D, it looks the best on you!