Heads Up! Power Outage leaves Tigers in (world) Serious Trouble




We are in a mess, now.

Two hits and a goose egg? That just won’t cut it.

I love my Tigers, but two hits just doesn’t impress me.  It makes me feel grumpy.  I’ll be their #1 fan until the day I draw my last breath. I won’t join the haterz and I’m not a bandwagon fan.  I have a long standing love affair with my Boys of Summer and that’s not going away anytime soon. But, I am alarmed, right now.

Our Tigers are whimpering home, licking their wounds. We are all no doubt headed to bed empty handed. We will wake up tomorrow and be cranky. Grumpiness will prevail on morning radio and be the buzz of the office as we discuss it around the water cooler. We will comment on Fister getting nailed right in the noggin with a line shot.  We will be upset because Fister pitched a solid game, but we still lost. And, this is what hurts most. The fact that we didn’t answer back from game one really stinks. We just sort of took another lickin’. We couldn’t get our offense motoring. Our pitching improved, we kept them to only two runs, BUT WE STILL LOST?!? This was a tough loss and we are now all a little scared.

The Baseball Gods have not been kind to us thus far in the Fall Classic, that is for sure. Fister’s head getting whacked (Game 2). A baseball hitting the third base bag and magically going fair ending in a double for SF (Game 1). We also saw a bunt (Game 3) (Editor’s Note: Game 2) that just refused to roll foul. Finally, we have also seen Gene LaMont , once again, get slap happy and send the runner around third in a questionable call during a BIG GAME (Game 3)(Editor’s Note: Game 2). Fielder is pushing 300. He was on first. It was only a double. Send Jackson or Berry, if they happen to be the runner. But, not Fielder. It was early in the game. Hold the Big Guy up and let your hitters try to hit him in with a sac fly, at the least. He was hustling, though. Prince was chugging like a freight train ’rounding third. He gets props for his hustle.

The Giants have clubbed the Tigers, too. Give them credit, there. They came out swinging in game one and kept in close during a 0-0 battle, finally pulling ahead near the end of game two. They have a good team and it’s hard to beat the home team, especially in what seems to be magicland -AKA- San Francisco.

What does this mean?

Don’t give up hope, don’t panic. We HAVE  to support our Boys! They need it. Let’s all just turn our focus toward moving forward from our two losses. Let’s keep positive. We have the next three at home , so our boys keep fighting and grinding while we ROOT ROOT ROOT for the home team.

Go get ‘em, Tigers!




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  1. MotorCitySportsGuru

    Indeed :)

    It was a long game and I was cranky and tired. I did mean game 2 where I said game 3. It just feels like we’ve gotten beaten up for a while by ‘dem Giants!

    Good catch Swami! Cookies are good comfort food, by the way!

  2. Avatar of MotorCitySportsSwami

    Now for Swami’s thoughts: All hope is not lost, however, the odds are stacked against us, and not just from the 2-0 deficit.

    Since the beginning of division play, every team that has a week layoff before the WS has lost. Leyland says he doesn’t believe in momentum, but I do. The Giants have it, I knew they would after winning the NLCS. I didn’t think it would be this bad though…hope no one placed bets based on my prediction. Sorry…

    However, we have one big factor heading into Game 3. Anibal Sanchez has a lifetime ERA of 1.87 against the Giants. He knows this team well. If anyone can jumpstart us, it will be Sanchez. We cannot go down 3-0, because only ONE team has ever come back from 3-0 in MLB history (04 Sox in ALCS…so magical).

    We cannot give up, though. It’s in our blood, sweat, and tears to stay behind our boys of summer. Bless you boys, and Go Get ‘Em Tigers!


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