I promise I won’t rant on this for long.

Really, I promise.

Really, REALLY promise.

I’ll even do it in a fun way: I’ll Mad Lib it for all of you to fill in the blanks yourselves. I’ll even insert a few of my favorite internet anti-Bettman memes.

Gary Bettman is a ___________ ________________ who cannot ______ his ________ in a __________ _________. All he likes to do is _________ from our _____________ _______________ while his __________ ____________. This ________ is a ____________, and a ______________ to the game of hockey.

I think that Gary Bettman should ________________ and ___________________, because he ________________that he is ________________ ___________________. Personally, I would like to see him ________________________. My 5 year olds can share better than Bettman and this group of _______________ ___________________. Maybe they should ______________________ and _________________________.

While I am on the subject of ___________________, someone explain to me how a ____________________ like Bettman became the __________________ ________________________ of all hockeykind? Whose _______________ idea was it to have this _____________ run this professional sports league? This ______________needs a good ______________ _________________ by the ________________ ________________ that he has _________________ _______________ AGAIN.

Finally, in closing, let me say again that Gary Bettman is a _____________ _______________ who has _______________ ______________ what he is ________________ ___________________, and deserves ________________ he has __________________. I hope that the owners ________________ and _______________ this _________________ before the NHL is ___________________, permanently.

I hope you all enjoyed this article. I couldn’t print everything I wanted to actually say and be respected. Guru might have deleted my post. But I am sure all of you can fill in the blanks and get the idea. Swami wants to see Bettman fired. Now can someone explain to me why the image below is true?

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