Dear Little Brother,


Little brother,

It must be cold, here, in our shadow.

You have been there for so long!

You probably enjoyed the party,

even if you were just tagging along.


We had to watch out for you

and keep others form beating you up.

Four years ago, you lunged out @ us,

and we were like, “yo, what’s up”??!?!?


You still punch like a girl, though

so, it felt more like a fly buzzing annoyingly around our face.

We are going to beat the hell out of you today

and put you back in your place.


For every time you’ve beaten us,

we’ve beaten you twice.

Let’s play this game,

let’s roll that dice.


You think 4 in a row is GREAT?

Well, my little brother, try EIGHT!

We beat you and we get 900 wins; ALL TIME BEST

You have 641.

WOW, that’s WAY LESS!


Paul Bunyan likes us, better than you.

You didn’t even join the BIG TEN

’till 1953, too!


I’m done here,

this will end my rant.

But, just remember, the only reason you are a school

is because of a GOVERNMENT GRANT!










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