Dear Big Brother… 2


We don’t do it for ourselves, we do it for Spartan nation.

You are just the embarrassing joke that can’t finish a champion.

You have a mascot that wasn’t even in the state for a century.

We don’t live in the past; it’s just a memory.


You make everyone your rival, there is no friendly compete…

surprised you aren’t a rival of a CC in Saint Pete!

You have a history of paying players, so you can’t be beat.

Take away those wins and we are better, we don’t have to cheat!


Put us back in our place, what kinda talk is that?

Sounds like you deserve a Gibbs head smack.

You call your home the big house, but it sits half empty…

Don’t know about you, but it sounds kinda lonely.


Your eight game streak is gonna fade away,

we will put together a string of 6 more after today!

Just remember, who was the boss for the first 20 years…

It was you, not us, going home in tears!


So what if you had Bo, you also had Dan Dierdorf.

Its not the individuals in this rough an’ tumble sport…

But if ya wanna throw names, I can do it, too

Bubba Smith, Earl Morrall, Plaxico Burress went to MSU!


900 wins, all-time best, it’s just a number!

You already have the title, are you getting dumber?

Wait, it’s the teaching there, so insignificant…

I’m done, I’m tired, why waste my time on this rant?



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