Bring on the chickenhawks!


An Original Six match-up of epic proportions.

The #7 seed takes on the #1 seed.

The Motor City vs. The Windy City.

The Battle of  the Great Lakes.

The Winged Wheel vs. Tommy Hawk.

However I look at it, it’s going to be a memorable playoff series.  I can’t wait to see some chickenhawks get completely Kronwalled against the boards!


I was extremely relieved when we extended our playoff streak to 22 consecutive years. 29 consecutive trips to the playoffs is the record and I want us to own that piece of NHL history one day. But, we had to squeak in this year and that means it’s not like old times, friends. The Winged Wheel is not the dominant favorite right now and Chicago is the league’s best, winning the President’s Trophy. It will be an uphill battle all series long. Look for physical, bone crushing hockey. Two of the nation’s toughest cities, neighbors separated by just 280+ miles, square off and renew a rivalry the old fashioned style: with blood, sweat and tears. This is the kind of series that I am hoping to see: one fought with sheer determination and grit. I want it to go 7 games and I want to beat them on their own ice 1-0 in OT. This is the last time we will meet on the field of battle as Western Conference foes, so I would want nothing less than an explosive series. We’ve been trading punches and players throughout the history of the NHL, so why should this series be any different?

In my mind, we still need to enact our sweet revenge for a few reasons:

#1.  They took Scotty  away from us in 2008. I’m still ticked about this loss. No, I won’t get over it. When all is said and done, Scotty’s name will still be up there as the Greatest Hockey Mind of All Time and I miss his wizard like presence advising my organization.


#2.  I don’t want chickenhawk fans saying how they won the final battle as conference foes. To have to listen to that junk until the league smartens up and puts us back in the same conference again is really going to annoy me.


#3.  While residing in Florida in 2008, my buddy, Dave from Chicago, broke my 1997/1998 Red Wings Back to Back Stanley Cup Championship drinking glass. This act shattered my dreams of keeping the glass safely on display in the inner belly of my mancave’s archives for all of time. I told him he had to pray that we win two consecutive Cups for the forgiveness of his sin. We won one Cup in 2008 and came within a goal in game seven of winning that second one in 2009. Since we did not win it, his shame is still his own. If my Wings win this series, I will seriously consider lifting my curse upon him.



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