Avi Garcia Sails Away to the Windy City

Avisail Garcia: now with the White Sox
Avisail Garcia: now with the White Sox

Avisail Garcia: now with the White Sox

Garcia Gone! At Trade Deadline, Tigers Fill Needs, But Make Sacrifices.

Double-D was up to his usual tricks in late July, but this time he sacrificed far too much. I’m not talking about the trade that has brought us a solid reliever in Jose Veras (for Danry Vasquez and a player to be named later!). That was a typical Double-D summer trade, one that will pay dividends. Now, I am referring to last night’s deal that sent Avisail Garcia and Brayan Villarreal to Boston for SS Jose Iglesias, which then the Red Sox sent Garcia, along with 3 other players to the Chicago White Sox for P Jake Peavy.

The Red Sox got screwed on this deal, it seems, with Peavy’s long history of injury, but what bothers this writer the most is Double-D’s trade with a divisional rival and a contender, sacrificing our top power prospect in Garcia, knowing he would be sent to our divisional rival, and letting Villarreal, who has had some issues this year with injury and control, but has the potential to be a solid late innings setup guy. Meanwhile, we get Iglesias, who is right now batting .330 in 63 games this season, but has only batted .205 in July, as the insurance policy for Jhonny Peralta, who it seems will be suspended by Major League Baseball for at least 50 games for his alleged involvment with Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch.

The Scoop on Jose Iglesias.

Jose Iglesias: our new insurance policy

Jose Iglesias: our new insurance policy

The truth of all this: While Iglesias has a great glove, he is a career .244/.296/.292 hitter in Triple-A in nearly 1,000 plate appearances.Most of his hits this season are little bloopers or five-hop trickles that sneak through. Too many infield hits. In July, he has one extra base hit. He is NOT a suitable replacement at the plate for Peralta, and this could hurt us down the stretch. Meanwhile, we give up Garcia, a career .269/..309/.354 hitter who has an arm that caught my eye last fall. The top prospect in our system, he has floated between Detroit and Toledo most of the year, but now is flying to Chicago. Why would we sacrifice such a great player to a divisional rival is beyond the scope of any fans’ imagination. This deal only brings back memories of the trade that brought us Doyle Alexander in 1987 for some guy named John Smoltz. I see that much potential in Garcia, and it is a shame we let him go. Now both of our bright outfield prospects from last year, Garcia and Quintin Berry, whom were both viewed as part of our outfield of the future along with Nick Castellanos, are gone. Apparently its win now, or never win at all in Double-D’s mind.

 The Loss of Brayan Villarreal…

Brayan Villarreal: on his way to Triple-A Pawtucket

Brayan Villarreal: on his way to Triple-A Pawtucket

The loss of Villarreal hurts as well. Up until this season, Villarreal was solid, a go-to guy in the 7th inning, posting an ERA of just under 4.00 with 10 holds. Last season he shined with an ERA of 2.63 in 54.2 innings. So he has had some troubles this year, so what? So has JV, and I don’t see him out there on the block for, say, Cliff Lee. Villarreal is a third-year player, with some control issues and injuries this season. It happens with all pitchers. We may not see the effects immediately, but give it time; in a few seasons, this trade will haunt us.

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  1. MotorCitySportsGuru

    Good article! I think time will tell on this one. Obviously, it is good for Garcia. He won’t have to worry about making the roster in Chicago and he’ll get plenty of at bats. I will miss him donning the Olde English D across his chest. He would have made a great Tiger, as he matured.

    For us, I don’t know the implications. I don’t think this would have happened if the Peralta suspension wasn’t looming. We are in it to win it, NOW for Mr. Ilitch, so that is the focus. Iglesias seems like a pretty good prospect. If he stays a while and we win a Championship this year, I think it’ll be worth it. But, if we don’t win and Iglesias doesn’t work out, then it was an ill-fated trade. I think it will definitely be viewed as the next Smoltz-Alexander type trade, whatever your opinions may be about that one. Personally, I don’t think Smoltz would have flourished in the Tigers organization at that time, so it was probably better for him at that point. Alexander went 10-0 down the stretch allowing us to beat Toronto for the AL East. We eventually lost to Minnesota, so we didn’t get the prize. Was it worth it? We are still debating it and I think in another 25 years we will be talking about this one, too. It was that HUGE!

    • Avatar of MotorCitySportsSwami

      Remember this moment in 20 years, when I write an article titled “Our Great Outfield That Never Was”, looking back on the careers of Castellanos, Berry, and Garcia, and how Double-D may have blown the best outfield trio we have seen in decades (1968 – Horton, Stanley, Northrup, Kaline), possibly even a century, going back to the greatest outfield of all-time in baseball, 1915 Tigers – Bobby Veach in left, Ty Cobb in center, and Sam Crawford in right.

  2. Avatar of MotorCitySportsSwami

    It’s a bad move, and very contradictory to other moves we have made before this season. Prior to spring 2013, all our moves with young players were long-term ones, in what seemed to be an attempt to build a dynasty. After the start of the season however, roster and organizational moves say we are now only looking at this year, as if something is wrong with Mr. Ilitch, he only has so long left, and Double-D knows. First we waive Quintin Berry, who ends up with divisional rival Kansas City, and now we trade away Avi Garcia to Boston, in a three-way deal, fully knowing he would wind up in the Windy City. What’s next, Nick Castellanos to Cleveland? Bruce Rondon to Minnesota? The line has to be drawn at some point. Thankfully its after 4 pm and we can’t trade anymore away, hopefully we don’t waive or release more of our future.

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